Hermione de Montgomery 

Regent (2013 - Present) 

Right Noble Dame Hermione Esther Montgomery DGL, GCStJA, PROrdM, BSc(Hons) , LTHE, CMS, RGN, RSCN, RM 

Hermione was born in what was then the Kingdom of South Africa on 14th August 1952 in the first few months of the Queen’s reign. After school she studied as a nurse, first of all in Capetown and then at Johannesburg General Hospital, qualifying on 17th May 1974 as a General Nurse. She met and married Hugh on 21st August 1977 and they returned to England in 1979. 
She subsequently trained and qualified as a Registered Sick Children’s Nurse at Great Ormond Street hospital on 12th November 1981 and subsequently as a midwife in 1989. She holds a BsC (Hons) from The University of Manchester and an LTHE from Plymouth University as well as a CMS from Cambridge. She was Lecturer /Practitioner at Plymouth University/Yeovil Hospital from 1998-2002 when she was head hunted for the position of Lead Nurse Quality of Care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she remained until her retirement. She now works 1 1/2 days a week at Derby Hospital. 
Her maiden name was Hummel (Luther-East). Her father’s side of the family came from Latvia and Lithuania, then part of Imperial Russia. On her mother’s side she descends from the brother of Martin Luther who was ennobled by the Emperor Sigismund in 1413 and she and her sister are the last armigers of the Luther- East line. On the other side her mother’s family held the Royal Warrant as Jewellers to the then Governor of the Cape Province and Hermione still has a family heirloom made by them in 1832. 
She joined the Order of the Fleur-de-Lys in 1995 becoming DGL a year later, She is the Regent of the Order and is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Fleur de Lys Foundation. She has served 8 years as a local councillor and was Mayoress of Uttoxeter from 2013-14 and has been Chair of Governors at one of Uttoxeter’s Primary Schools. 


Hermione has authored or co-authored a number of articles in Practices in Children's Nursing including: 
Chapter 25 -" Safe administration of blood and blood products" 
Clinical Skills in Child Health Practice 
Churchill Livingstone 2008 
Chapter 6 - "Assessment" 
Practices in Children's Nursing, 3rd Edition 2010 Churchill Livingstone 
ISBN: 9780702044458 
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