Jonathan Sayers of Ashfield 

Sovereign Grand Commander (2021- Present) 

Jonathan Richard Hastings Sayers JP BA Stirl PGCE Cantab was born on 11th February 1959 in Hove, Sussex. He was the only child of Dr William James Hastings Sayers MD of Stronocum, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and Dr Mary Marguerite Sayers nee Hay MD of Corstorphine Edinburgh, Scotland. 
He was educated at Kingscliffe House School, Kemptown, Brighton and Brighton College Preparatory School and Brighton College Senior School from 1968 till 1977. 

Brighton College Anonymous Unknown author, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

He then attended the University of Stirling in which he graduated in 1981 with a BA degree in History and Politics. 
University of Stirling

University of Stirling CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

After graduating he started an 18-year career in shipbroking, finding cargoes for ships and ships for cargoes in the International Shipping Market on the Baltic and Mercantile Shipping Exchange. Amongst the many companies Jonathan worked for, was Anderson Hughes, part of P&O shipping and China Ocean Shipping Company, where he spent some time seconded to their parent company in Beijing, China. 
In 1999 Jonathan decided after his father’s death to change career and completed a PGCE in Secondary History at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. 
After graduating in 2000 he travelled to India for the summer and then started in September 2000 teaching History at Tiffin Grammar School in Kingston upon Thames. After teaching at various different schools he was recruited to teach History in 2008 at Stowe School and he continued to teach there until 2018 when he took semi-retirement to pursue a career in property development and management and whilst still providing some help in extracurricular activities at Stowe. 
Stowe School 
In 2005, whilst teaching in London, he was appointed to the Bench of the City of London’s Magistrate Court which amalgamated later on, with the City of Westminster. 
Jonathan joined the Order of the Fleur de Lys in 2000 whilst attending Cambridge University after being introduced to Hugh De Montgomery, current Sovereign Grand Commander. He has been promoted over the last 20 years and has now been appointed to be Deputy Sovereign Grand Commander taking over the Order in 2021. His connection to the Clan Hay through his mother was partially instrumental in his involvement with the Fleur de Lys. Jonathan is very keen to expand the charitable fundraising of the Order and continue to widen the Order’s profile and international connections. 
Jonathan was made armigerous when the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh granted his Coat of Arms at his address in Ashfield near Dunblane in Scotland. 
His motto is Hesterna Historica Crastina Mystica - yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. 
Jonathan owns Concierge History Tours in the Cotswolds, providing a bespoke history tour guiding service in luxury. 

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